About our service

Welcome to Impotence Help. We provide free and confidential sexual health services in London including information and advice on all types of contraception and STI testing and treatment.

Our service is confidential, non-judgemental and for people of all ages, genders and orientations for everything from testing for all sexually transmitted infections (STIs), to talking about all the available methods of contraception including family planning, vasectomy, psychosexual counselling, outreach work and chlamydia screening.

Everyone is welcome and you don’t need to see a GP first – you can attend one of our walk-in clinics or make an appointment at a time that suits you.

Impotence Care is proud to provide Impotence Help to the local community. We’ve been delivering fontline NHS and local authority services across England since 2006. So far we’ve treated more than three million people with an aim to make a real difference to peoples’ lives by offering services that are:

  • free and accessible;
  • better than what went before;
  • focused on both staff and user experience; and
  • better value for the NHS and the tax payer.

To find out more about Impotence Care please visit our website www.impotence-help.co.uk

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